Genosity’s Integrated Genomic Toolkit (IGT) provides a HIPAA-compliant, end-to-end software solution for the clinical next generation sequencing (NGS) laboratory workflow. The IGT solution offers seamlessly integrated components enabling labs to quickly set up their own NGS workflow(s) without having to purchase and integrate multiple expensive solutions that would cost millions in implementation and integration costs. The advantage of having a modular system is that individual modules can be independently deployed if an end-user has existing systems in place. The IGT solution is built to minimize the need of in-house IT and bioinformatic resources so that labs can rapidly define and implement new tests. Request a Demo


An ordering and reporting portal that facilitates flow of information between the lab and ordering providers within and across institutions through direct online portal access.


A Laboratory Information Management System for workflow management with user-friendly dashboard and widgets, pre-configured commercial and custom assays, sample management with real-time status tracking, and quality management with exception and audit logs for regulatory requirements.


A solution with real-time cloud resource orchestration and hosting multiple bioinformatic pipelines for processing raw sequence data from different types of NGS assays.

Case Analyzer

A tool integrated with knowledgebase and third-party databases for variant interpretation, case analysis, and clinical result report writing across both germline and somatic applications.


A data warehouse of genotype-phenotype data that facilitates population-level analysis and cohort identification to support R&D and commercial collaborations.
HIPAA Compliance
  • Genosity maintains a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the storage and transmission of sensitive data.
  • AWS meets and exceeds HIPAA standards by aligning with FedRAMP and NIST800-53 standards.
Data Protection
  • Single-tenet model deployment ensures data segregation across customers.
  • Data encryption and daily backup for protection of sensitive information.
  • Data at-rest utilizes AES-256 encryption, while data in transit utilizes TLS1.2 encryption, both industry standards.
Secure Access and Activity Logging
  • User access is controlled through Amazon Cognito.
  • Access to data controlled and provided on an at-need basis via comprehensive user permissions .
  • Activity and exception tracking with detailed audit logs .